What Are Millennials Eating? A Look into Burgers and Craft Cocktails

Are you a food lover? Craving a good munch? Then this article is for you and an estimated two-thirds of Millennials who regularly snack. They also mentioned burgers to be among their favorite snack.

If you are a burger person, then you already know you need a refreshing drink to go with it. Craft cocktails made by the skilled hands of your local expert craft bartender are an excellent option. Always try and ensure you get a craft cocktail bar with a wide variety of ingredients.

So, why do Millennials have an undying love for burgers?

That seems like a pertinent question that has so many answers.

Unbeatable Taste

There is something that the burger’s taste has that will see you licking your fingers to the last bite. Burgers are more than a snack. A great burger prepared by a skilled chef has a unique charm that is able to fight its way to a special place in your heart.

Different meats used to prepare different types of burgers will also make your mouth water.

Healthy Food

Don’t believe it? Well, you better. Just by the mention of fast food, people start imagining all kinds of unhealthy living. Though associated with fast food, burgers offer a variety of healthy options you can explore.

People are increasingly becoming watchful of the type of food they consume. A healthy food is one that contains fresh ingredients. Burgers are also a rich source of nutrients. The meat carries high amounts of proteins. The bun, too, is a rich source of carbohydrates. So you get to enjoy delicious and nutritious food.

Unites People

Having excellent food in a magnificent place is a favorite thing for many. You get to hang out with your friends in various unique burger joints and later pass by a whiskey restaurant for some craft cocktail.s

I mean, isn’t that a perfect outing?

It’s a Source of Comfort

Going through a hard time? Stressful job? Does school seem to get tougher by the day? Great food is a remedy. Great food can be a great relief for a troubled soul.

The amount of soothing that good food gives your troubled soul is just one of a kind. One that guarantees you maximum comfort.

It Doesn’t Cost a Fortune

Another thing that gets Americans craving burgers is their pocket-friendly price. Even people on tight budgets can afford a burger treat or two.

If you’re worried about the cost of a dinner date, you might want to consider your local burger restaurant.


Different food types mean different great tastes. Burger restaurants offer nothing less. There are many options to explore with sandwiches. Different types of beef used to make the burgers also add to the variety. Also, contrary to popular belief, there are many burger options for vegetarians.

Good Food for Hanging Out

When planning for your next out of town picnic or road trip, you should try and pack a few burgers as part of your snacks.

They offer certain advantages over what you have previously been packing. For example, they are quite easy to eat comfortably without getting your hands dirty. They are also better at making you feel cheerful and ready for those craft cocktails your friends probably brought for the picnic.

In Conclusion

Americans’ love affair with burgers seems to be getting stronger by the day. And it can be justified. I mean, who doesn’t want cheap fast food that has an unbeatable taste and comes loaded with rich nutrients? So, grab your friends and check out a good burger restaurant with excellent craft cocktails and the best whiskey selection.