Top Burger Joints to Visit On Your Journey to the Stock and Barrel

Did you know that 65% of social media conversations are about deciding where to eat out? It’s no surprise: food is an important aspect of American culture, and most people prefer eating out to cooking for themselves.

Whether you’re thinking about taking a road trip to experience the best burger joints or you’re just curious about the top burger places ranked by critics, the following is a list of the top ten burger joints in America.

1. Bill’s Hamburgers: Los Angeles, CA

Considered one of the top burgers in LA by some critics, this is one of all too few burger restaurants that offer old fashioned, no-nonsense burgers. Served by its namesake and grill master, Bill has spent over half of a decade flipping burgers, and his endearingly gruff attitude serves as extra seasoning for the plate.

2. Brooks’ Sandwich Shop: Charlotte, NC

While the title seems to indicate specialization in sandwiches of all kinds, this charming little restaurant is very much one of the great burger joints. Twin Brooks brothers opened the place for business all the way back in 1973, and to this day, it’s considered by many to be the best of the burger joints in either of the Carolinas.

3. Cherry Cricket: Denver, CO

Generally, the town of Cherry Creek in Colorado caters to its moneyed residents with high-end cuisine and culture. However, Cherry Cricket is one burger joint in the area that aims to serve the entire city of Denver with its down-to-earth, yet perfectly-crafted, hamburgers. It closed down temporarily after a fire, but upon reopening in 2017, it maintains its old school feel (complete with a massive fish tank in the middle of the restaurant).

4. Fred’s Meat and Bread: Atlanta, GA

This one isn’t too far away for Tennessee residents who normally (and intelligently, we might add) seek out great burger joints in Nashville, like the Stock and Barrel.

To be completely honest, Fred gives us a lot more at his “Meat and Bread” restaurant than hamburgers, but its Burger Stack is the undisputed star of the show.

5. Gilbert’s 17th Street Grill: Fort Lauderdale, FL

This burger place, located in the unlikely environment of a strip mall, features rustic, flame-broiled, half-pound hamburgers. What’s perhaps most fascinating about this restaurant is that it’s just as appealing to vegetarians: you can’t go wrong with a portobello mushroom burger.

6. Grill Marks: Greenville, SC

Outside of their occasionally eccentric menu items, the coolest thing about this place is that their burgers are made with chopped beef, instead of ground beef. This makes the patty’s texture full, rich, and meaty. For a truly monumental dining experience, ask for the Cafe Au Poivre, which features a patty encrusted with coffee and peppercorns, topped with mushrooms and Au Poivre sauce.

7. Hubcap Grill: Houston, TX

Unlike the other burger joints on this list, which mostly confine themselves to a single landmark location, Hubcap Grill has expanded its domain to include multiple joints in the Houston area (including inside its airport). Unlike some expanding empires, their taste hasn’t suffered at all.

8. Miller’s Bar: Dearborn, MI

Outside of their bar, this charming little spot has been around for over 50 years, and offers some of the best burgers around. Their perfectly cooked medium hamburger, with Velveeta and white onions snuggled together in a steamed bun, is a time-tested and dependably delicious option.

9. The Stock and Barrel: Nashville, TN & Knoxville, TN

After trekking across America, nothing will taste better than a bourbon and a burger at your tried-and-true Stock and Barrel locations. When you want traditional Tennessee cooking and classic whiskey to dance on your palate, rely on our connoisseurs to give you the farm-to-table options you crave. Contact one of our burger joints today!