How to Best Enjoy Your Bourbon

Research shows that around 86% of the entire adult population has tasted alcohol at least once in their life. Whether you belong to the 86 or the other 14, worry not: by reading this article, you will grasp everything you need to know about bourbon.

Before we begin, it should be known that bourbon is a type of American whiskey. However, it stands out from the rest because it is made of corn. The corn should be nothing less than 51%; anything less than that becomes whiskey. You might wonder if bourbon and whiskey can be used interchangeably. The answer is both yes, and no. Confused? Here is the thing: all bourbons are whiskeys, but the same can’t be said about whiskeys. In the recent past, the drink, as well as its craft cocktails, have risen in popularity, proving the fact that it is a drink worth your time and money.

Here’s what you should know about bourbon and how to pair it.

How to Enjoy Your Bourbon

Bourbon is usually served straight over ice. That way, the drinker can enjoy the nuanced flavors of the beverage. If it’s too strong, some dilute it with water or soda. Better still, you can use it to spice up some dishes in the kitchen.

If you want to try some new bourbon that you haven’t had before, the wisest thing is to ask the bartender for a flight. A flight is like a movie trailer: you get a little sip of each type to make the best selection in the end. Since you now know what to expect, you can enjoy your bourbon to the fullest.

Here are some of the most popular bourbon pairings.


Let’s talk burgers. Without fear of contradiction, we can say that burgers have made their way to the top on the list of America’s staple foods. When you want to enjoy this savory dish with your favorite glass, try opting for sweeter burgers. The dark, rich qualities of this whiskey go well with apple-smoked bacon and sauteed sweet onions. You can also opt for a Hawaiian burger with pineapple and a sweet glaze to make this beverage all the better.

Bourbon also pairs well with smokey and spicey. Buying a jalapeno burger to go along with your flight will make this a match made in heaven.


Just about any sweet dessert pairs well with bourbon. Try getting a slice of apple pie a la mode and taste how the creamy ice cream brings out the savory flavors in your bourbon. Choosing a bourbon with tasting notes of vanilla and caramel will make this pairing all the better.

Comfort Food

The biting quality of a great bourbon is the perfect antithesis to good old fashioned comfort food. Cornbread, macaroni and cheese, and ribs are all popular dishes to enjoy with Kentucky’s favorite beverage. Honestly, it makes sense given that great bourbon and comfort foods are both from the south. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

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